Ultimate Scientific Proof + Experiential Mastermind Group = The Most Powerful & Accessible Manifestation Program Ever Created


Quantum Physics Reinvented our understanding of "creation" - our Experiential Mastermind has Reinvented Generation (aka Manifesting)!...


Together...your Manifesting is unstoppable!


And that’s not all... we are giving you the best of In-Person Live events,  PLUS, noble prize winning research "immersion" manifesting environment responsible for INSTANT manifestations you’ve DEFINITELY heard of, without leaving the comfort of your own home.


Manifest like those you've seen "dimensionalizing" form and appearance from no-where. Create your new life experience like those you hear of "generating" new jobs, homes, relationships, prosperity to name just a few...


It doesn't matter if you've been following all the GoooRooo's without as much as a single dollar showing up before.  It doesn't even matter if you haven't been able to "feel it" in the past.


Nothing you've attempted before is going to compare with the immersion environment you're about to experience.  And I am so confident you can finally learn how to tap into your own innate power to GENERATE your life, that I am going to guarantee it!

Immersion strategies like these are helping everyday people create a life of their dreams, making your brand new life a reality - we're doing it without all the fluff, extended amounts of time and huge expense of in-person retreats... It’s what I use, myself, everyday to REINVENT my life, moment by moment.


NOW, Imagine having the power of the GooRoo experience built into a newbie friendly method - that you can easily replicate any time you want to "generate" some new life experience.


Look, while we are talking about manifesting...it isn't about the "stuff".  It is about YOU.  It's always and only about "YOU".  The "stuff" is a byproduct and you are going to finally learn how to get from where you have been (stuck) to where you want to be. 


You're not going to just "learn" but more importantly, you will "EXPERIENCE" the new you.

Notice...we are not focusing on cars, homes, jobs, money or relationships.  Of course those are the outcomes...the natural "symptoms" of the state you are going to achieve through this immersion program.  We are BE-Coming prosperous.  Without divulging the secrets in the program, we are not working from a place of wanting to achieve, attain or aspire to have, be or do...we are working from a place of already having, being and doing.  We are becoming the Mystic! (On the inside we call the program The Human Potential Mystic Mastermind)


(The program involves live interaction - not all participants will attend all live events. Recordings will be made available)


We will start off with a live online introduction.  Basic concepts will be introduced. Schedules will be discussed and initial follow up activities will be introduced.


While details will unfold as the program moves forward...this is a fluid eco-system, we will be living as one body, one mind...working toward common interests and passions...

...we will have a regular schedule of activities to ensure all participants are maintaining the prosperity protocol and to more deeply ingrain the prosperity vibration.





allows you to build your life from the warm, supportive, uplifting social community

...it feeds off of & expands via the collective frequency our immersion program generates. This is a "community powered prosperity generation system" like you've never seen before.




HELLOOOO, did you read that right?

Build YOUR Life with support from kindred Spirits, all moving in the same direction...

not necessarily creating the same "things"...but, CREATING the life of their dreams from the power of the individual and collective frequency!





YOU get to Own Your Beliefs & Future Destiny, plus an Intimate Group of new Master/Creator Friends to Propel & Share Your New Destiny with!!!!



Simple, yet the most powerful manifesting tool you can possess...

It's what is called Experiential Quantum Transformation.


Your own experience of manifesting in our program, YOU are going beyond...coming up against fear & doubt and walking right through it to the other side, once and for all.


While, our technique is proprietary and only those who join us will get the full immersion experience, we will be incorporating scientifically proven immersion strategies - known for life altering changes and adding an option for the group to continue on, in a slightly less structured format (the initial structure is important for your long term success) - to continue to expand your human potential.

 HOW THIS ALL CAME ABOUT...after years of coaching and clearing for clients, I've finally refined the formula that allows the success and transformation to "Stick" long after I'm gone...
Heck, I have helped 100's and 1000's of individuals, conscious business owners and ordinary folks transform certain elements of their lives through my coaching programs and energy clearing services.  While my clients got amazing results, new business showing up out of nowhere, ideal buyers for their homes and all manner of manifestation, including seeming miracle healings showed up...what consistently happened though, was life fell back to normal, often a higher vibration "new normal" but growth was stagnant if I wasn't actively working with them.

It was fantastic to see the wonderful manifestations and changes, but that's not ultimately what my mission was.  I want to help Empower You, to be a guide to the wisdom, knowledge and application so you don't need me.


Until very recently, that last piece had eluded me.



But, with the Manifesting (Mystic) Mastermind, YOU LEARN WHAT IT IS TO BE THE CREATOR OF YOUR OWN LIFE. Transformation Happens!



Without the need for ongoing sessions, more and more events, courses or coaching....

You may choose to stay connected because of the amazing bond we create and your desire to expand as a unit rather than an individual - but that will be entirely optional, based on your own passion, desires and inspiration. Once we are done, you will have everything within you to continue your journey of expanded awareness, higher vibration and generation.




It's Your Turn!

To do life like a mystic.



Leveraged Energy = Fastest, Easiest & Most Direct Path to Change

There is a manifesting superpower that hides in Plain Site that 99% of all people miss.


It is the very real ability to cooperatively leverage other people's frequency


I won't go into the strategy in detail, for our purposes here...


I want to discuss 2 relevant opportunities you have right here and now...

1 - leveraging the wisdom & experience and frequency of Fran Horvath (she'll be clearing for you from the moment you register)

2 - leveraging the power and reach of a connected & cooperative eco-system


First, is why you are here in the first place - you know there is a force, energy or power available to you, just like it is for Fran and so many others. You've likely touched it before and experienced the power - but, maintaining your (next) frequency long enough to massively change your life experience has eluded you.


Second is, you've struggled to tap into the source you know exists or struggled to maintain your ability to create your life at will. Now, you see The ever-lasting  leverage you didn't even know was possible!  The ability to leverage and most importantly, maintain the mystical frequency of generation.


With my Manifesting Mastermind, you now get to leverage the Energy you otherwise couldn't imagine generating for yourself.

All without leaving your home, studying for years on end, attending event after event.



    YOU...If You Make Sure You Get Immersed!

    Be SURE you take a moment now to make a firm decision to commit to your future and this program or you won't get the life altering frequency you know is available to you!


    And, we will go over this again once you get inside, so you're good to go.

    *The program works best when we have a small enough group to make it intimate and give individual attention, yet large enough to allow for schedules and life to happen and still have enough participation to propel the group forward with the necessary energy.  We also have definite starting points - where we will no longer admit additional mastermind members (we won't disrupt the flow and synergy of the existing group).  We reserve the right to stop enrollment at any time prior to the beginning of a mastermind once we reach capacity.  We reserve the right to cancel a group and provide full refunds for all who paid if we don't get enough members to properly sustain a new mastermind group.


    We know most of you will be on this journey alone, without the support of family and friends - we are not a common breed.  If you have already surrounded yourself with like-minded friends and family it is a wonderful experience to share.  You may refer your friends and family if you would like them to participate in your mastermind experiment.  It is a powerful way to bring the virtual energy from your mastermind into your physical experience immediately.  Please contact us if you have a group of +/_10-15 and want to create your own private mastermind group.

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    *We do not guarantee any specific outcomes